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Packing MachineT Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging machine and packaging equipment in Taiwan. With over 30 years experience in the packing machine field, we have a professional approach to design, quality and manufacture. Our comprehensive range of machines include PVC/POF/PE/CE shrink packing machine, L type sealing packing equipment, high speed side sealer and automatic collation packing machine (Sleeve Type).

T obtained ISO 9001 BSI and CE certificated. We specialized in precise and complicated packing machines and packing equipments. We also offer high quality together with after sales service. We hold patents for our machine, which indicate that we are not a "copy-cat" manufacturer. In this very competitive field, we are aware that a reasonable price is not the only consideration. Although we are already well known in the packaging machine field, our continued approach to quality products has lead us to primary consideration is for customer satisfaction.

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T has been dedicated to design and manufacture of packaging machine since its inception of 1977. With decades of efforts into the industry, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of packing machine in Taiwan. The L-type automatic sealing packing machine fully presents the advanced, outstanding technology background of T. It combines all features into one unit that sets a brand-new standard of sealing automation. In addition, the automatic collation packing machines are available in sleeve type and single line type. Its standardized machine structure is combined with innovative electronic drive system for maximum convenient maintenance. Its cast bronze sealing blade is coated with teflon for protection without sticking of glue. Are you interested in learning more impressive features of packaging machine from T, please visit the online product catalog and feel free to send your inquiries.