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Auto Middle Speed L Bar Sealer Machine TY-703-150H-ST

Traditional Middle speed L bar sealer has no reciprocating sealing function, so the sealing line is not strong enough and has the holes or welding seams after shrinking. The new model of TY-703-150H-ST is designed to avoid these problems.

  • Machine Dimensions: 2400(L) x 1130(W) x 1600(H) mm
  • Package Range: 100-450 (L) x 50- 300 (W) x 5 ~ 150 (H) mm
  • Package Speed: up to 45 ppm
  • Power: 220V


  • Clutch & Brake Motors combined with the inverter for feeding film, infeed conveyor belt & outfeed conveyor belt. Easy to adjust the conveying speed.
  • Sealing blade height can be adjusted at any time to suit package height.
  • Height of sealing area equipped with drive motor to adjust sealing height quickly and easily It could increase the package speed.
  • PLC control system with two programs, length controlled by either photo eyes or timer.
  • Employs constant temperature one-piece fabricated bronze sealing balde. Draw-out type constant temperature heater combined with SSR constant temperature control features maximum stability of temperature, power saving and easy replacement. The front & side sealing blades with an independent temperature control each & adjustable sealing seams.
  • Sealing blades with arching shape designed reduce dog-ears and save film.
  • Assembled bearings roller fitted under infeed conveyor to create belt running smoothly.
  • Extra Pinch roller guide for better film control and saving.
  • Independent perforating rod, easy adjustment, no tearing line.
  • Two sets of horizontal photo eyes for high & thick packages. One of horizontal photo eyes with waiting function increases the packaging speed.
  • An easy-release handle is for various width adjustments depending on products.
  • Blades sealing times predetermined: Controlled by timers to reserve the rear & front of film bag in advance.
  • SAFETY DEVICE FOR CUTTING BLADE: A micro-sensor combined with Automatic blade return provide safety protection in cut a hand object. This effectively protects the machine while minimizing product loss.
  • CE model is available.