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T shrink machine company specializing in the supply of perfect performance in PVC shrink machine and POF shrink tunnel machine. From table type to high production type, the wide range of T shrink tunnel machines are quality designed and engineered to give extraordinary performance. They create extremely elegant packaging quality for upgrading product value. Our shrink machines have been widely application, and are applied in suitable for food, gifts, hardware, daily-use products, electronics, electrical industries, medicines, banboo ware and more. If you are interested in the machine, please contact to us. you will benefit our promise to supply top quality, reliable shrink machine.

The Feature of PVE/POF Shrink Tunnel Machine

  • Machine constructions use S-41 steel material.
  • Machine frames formed up by model.
  • Specified spare parts kit.
  • Live roller conveyor.
  • Speed changeable motor with speed desired & adjusted easily.
  • Fully re-circulating heating air.
  • Highly efficient heating up with good separations.
  • Temperature controlled automatically.
  • Temperature variable with easy operation.
  • SUS themocouple systems.
  • SUS 304 stainless steel inner tunnel.
  • SUS 304 stainless material wires & terminals,covered with ceramic guards.
  • CE model availale.

Shrink Machine Series:


POF Shrink Tunnel Machine


PE Shrink Tunnel Machine

    PE Shrink Machine SA-317

    SA-317 PE Shrink Machines

    • Power: 220V / 380V
    • Consumption KW: 24
    • Chamber mm: 1500x500x250
    • Overall LxWxH mm: 2800x820x1550
    • Motor: 1HPx1

    PE Shrink Machine SA-318

    SA-318 PE Shrink Machine

    • Power: 220V / 380V
    • Consumption KW: 26
    • Chamber mm: 1500x600x300
    • Overall LxWxH mm: 2800x920x1610
    • Motor: 1HPx1

    PE Shrink Machine SA-319

    SA-319 PE Shrink Machines

    • Power: 220V / 380V
    • Consumption KW: 30
    • Chamber mm: 1500x700x300
    • Overall LxWxH mm: 2800x1020x1610
    • Motor: 1HPx1

    PE Shrink Machine SA-321

    SA-321 PE Shrink Machine

    • Power: 220V / 380V
    • Consumption KW: 45
    • Chamber mm: 2000x900x500
    • Overall LxWxH mm: 3600x1220x1850
    • Motor: 2HPx1


PVC Shrink Tunnel Machine


CE Model Shrink Machine

    Shrink Machine SA-313

    SA-313-CE Shrink Machines

    • Compact construction, High efficiency.
    • The use of stainless steel made heating tube results in power saving of up to 40% over conventional heaters.
    • Great air-flow provides excellent heat distribution for an even shrink

    Shrink Machine SA-316

    SA-316-CE Shrink Machine

    • Thermocouple temperature control: The system features automatic temperature variation for convenient operation.
    • Variable speed live-roller conveyor.

ISO 9001 Certified
Shrink Machine Application